Code Name: Scape

Code name: Escape
First person game
Platform: Android
Firfira Animation studio Cooperated with Vulcan studio

An Old Model

The model created from a random reference photo.
Model has made in 2009, I just spend an hour for texture and light.
In past years situation made me do various thinks, but I love environment modeling with all modeled details, I love it more than every thing I can do even more than scripting and story writing.

Morph Target Picker V02

Morph Target Picker V02
                         New changes :
                                    Interface got some changes.
                                    Access to all morph modifier channels.
                                    Don`t need to joystick creator anymore.
                                    Quick joystick assignment

Demoreel 2013-2014

This video contain only some of rig & scripts done in 2013-2014.
Other stuff such as Render, Model, Texture, Game &...  will be on another video soon as possible.
Download Video

DoDo Rig

His name is Dodo but he is just a sea bird and rigged in 3Ds Max

Download Video

Auto Rigg V01.0.0

1. Create the Rig part to part.
2. Set joint position and create final rig.
3. Parts automatically connecting together.
4. Save / Load / Mirror pos.
-. Gui controller adding by Rigg Assistant.

The Rigg based on 3DQuakers Rigg tutorial + some change and added stuff.

Download Video

Robot Rigg

Mini Robot Rig in 3D Max (Robot`s name is Yumuri)
.Net UI for easy selection.
Scripted controllers for easy animate of legs.
Apply pos of each legs to others.
Save thumbnail for saved pos.

Wet Sand Bitmap

Generated Sequence bitmaps (mask) for sea water wet effect on the sand.
this test done manually but next one going to be done with maxscript.

Rigg asistant V03.4.0

Huge collection of tools making the rigging proses faster

Save and Load Presets
Autorigg functions library
Create and Edit Bones and ...
Easy wiring
Easy constraints
Auto links
Advance renaming tools
Custom attribute creator
Skin tools
and .....

Auto ProOptimizer

Auto ProOptimizer Add 3Ds Max ProOptimizer Modifier plus some more parameters that make "Vertex %" change automatically by distance of object from camera.
Download Version 1.0
Download Version 2.0

My Neighbor Shark

My Neighbor Shark animation series is in 3D technique with funny and comic theme. All events happen in a tiny island among the ocean with main 8 characters. This animation is a non-verbal animated cartoon series which is producing by FIRFIRA animation studio team. 10 seasons have been written up to now. Each season is in 13 episodes which per episode run for 7 minutes. Each season`s story is separate but they related to each other though. The characters have an international appearance and look, so have topics and stories. All characters and stuffs was designed and modeled by studio team and all rights receive to FIRFIRA animation studio. Synopsis: A middle age man mysteriously (by time tunnel) falls into an island. The man has lost his memory and he doesn't even remember his name.In first season Daniel tries to call help and escapes from island and the situation he is stoke in, but interesting things happens.

Story: Nasser Merati
Screenplay: Nasser Merati and Amir Vahedi
Director: Amir Vahedi and Nasser Merati
Art Director and Supervisor: Amir Vahedi
Story board: Amir Vahedi
Story reel: Amir Vahedi
Texture and coloring: Amir Vahedi
Animate: Mohammad Hoseinpour and Saeede Alinejad
Character and Background: Amir Vahedi
Modeling: Elnaz Mirjemali
Rig and Character Setup: Nasser Merati
Lighting: Farhad Ghafarpour & Nasser Merati
Visual effects: Farhad Ghafarpour
Composite and Rendering: Farhad Ghafarpour
Edit: Nasser Merati

We will turn this Animation series into a long-lasting development strategy.It will be in 10 season ( 130 episodes ) and A movie at the end.