Morph Target Picker V02

Morph Target Picker V02
                         New changes :
                                    Interface got some changes.
                                    Access to all morph modifier channels.
                                    Don`t need to joystick creator anymore.
                                    Quick joystick assignment

Demoreel 2013-2014

This video contain only some of rig & scripts done in 2013-2014.
Other stuff such as Render, Model, Texture, Game &...  will be on another video soon as possible.
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DoDo Rig

His name is Dodo but he is just a sea bird and rigged in 3Ds Max

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Auto Rigg V01.0.0

1. Create the Rig part to part.
2. Set joint position and create final rig.
3. Parts automatically connecting together.
4. Save / Load / Mirror pos.
-. Gui controller adding by Rigg Assistant.

The Rigg based on 3DQuakers Rigg tutorial + some change and added stuff.

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Robot Rigg

Mini Robot Rig in 3D Max (Robot`s name is Yumuri)
.Net UI for easy selection.
Scripted controllers for easy animate of legs.
Apply pos of each legs to others.
Save thumbnail for saved pos.