BMax (Blender + 3D Max)
Free and open source scripted Add-on for Blender 3D, that change the UI much as possible for the Max users want step on Blender.

Menus, Short Cuts, Active type Commands, Commands name, Navigation

Blender has ability to switch between custom UIs and you can easily back to original mode.

working on progress...
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any suggestion and cooperation are acceptable.

Silent Zone: Dark Space

Silent Zone: Dark Space is an Android game, developed by cooperation of Firfira and Voulcan studio.

Story is simple, you are waking on infected zone that fill by bombs. the mission is saving your life. then do what you can do.

you have some enemies too, you will know them in time when you are face by them.

Code Name: Scape

Code name: Escape
First person game
Platform: Android
Firfira Animation studio Cooperated with Vulcan studio

An Old Model

The model created from a random reference photo.
Model has made in 2009, I just spend an hour for texture and light.
In past years situation made me do various thinks, but I love environment modeling with all modeled details, I love it more than every thing I can do even more than scripting and story writing.

Morph Target Picker V02

Morph Target Picker V02
                         New changes :
                                    Interface got some changes.
                                    Access to all morph modifier channels.
                                    Don`t need to joystick creator anymore.
                                    Quick joystick assignment

Demoreel 2013-2014

This video contain only some of rig & scripts done in 2013-2014.
Other stuff such as Render, Model, Texture, Game &...  will be on another video soon as possible.
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DoDo Rig

His name is Dodo but he is just a sea bird and rigged in 3Ds Max

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