Facial Rigg

Facial Rigg Scripted plugin setting up an advance rigg in less than a minute.
1. press the preview button. (free point less then a sec)
2. match the points whit character (less than a minute mirror tool making time half)
3. push the build button will generate final Rigg whit all exprations and scripts and links (less than a sec)
4. hide bones and keep controllers for animator.
5. skin up to you.

Note: Pos save and load working whit PEN_Attribute_Holder 2.

Auto Talk ( type to talk )

The auto talk ( type to talk ) scripted tool allowing the animator do the facial animate so fast just by type the dialog on this tool.
the first version is working by Finglish language and working whit even 2D (Materia modifire) and 3D (Morph system).
Next Version will have English language and other facial rigg system support.