(RA) Morpher

Adding the Morph targets always is confusing, which target going to which channel ?

Morpher V01.0.0 is one of the rig Assistant`s tools, that helping to do this in less time whiteout mistake.

Character Modeled by : Farzin Moayed

Floater UI

Floater User Interface for Animation Character.
Dot Net is cool for creating stuff like this.

1. Easy assign to Rig.
2. Limit the axis by holding the Ctrl or Shift.
3. Mirror the controllers by Hold the  Ctrl+Shift.
4. Update the controllers position by change the time slier.

Character modeled by Farzin Moayed.

(RA) Easy wiring

Wire parameters tool is a scripted tool for wire the scene controllers fast as possible.
1. copy value
2. make instance
3. wire parameter

working on :
    trying to make it able to multi wiring.
    node base UI will be better and faster than this.