Morph Target Picker V02

Morph Target Picker V02
                         New changes :
                                    Interface got some changes.
                                    Access to all morph modifier channels.
                                    Don`t need to joystick creator anymore.
                                    Quick joystick assignment

Watch Video Tutorial on YouTube or read blow text
How it work :

1. Run Script
2. Pick the main object as Master

3. Select one by one of the Targets and hit one of the button has (morpher channel) numbers on, target instantly will add to main object channels.
Note: For assign other target to channel just do it again older target will delete automaticaly
Note: For clear the channel just Right Click on it (be careful Undo function not added yet)

4. Create some rectangle for joystick controllers
Note: prefect square for joystick,  rectangle for Vertical or Horizontal Slider.

5.Hit the one of Arrow buttons and then hit the channel number you want to Joystick or Slider affect on it.
Note: Hold Ctrl and Right click on channel clear only joystick controller from the relate channel.

Note: Script able to recognize Joystick or slider type and showing relate action for it.
Note: while hit the channel button holding the Ctrl can change the Slide or Joystick return value

 in normal mode whit out holding the Ctrl if handle be on the minimum and center will return 0 and in maximum position will return 100
if hold Ctrl button while assign the controller to channel minimum position of handle will return 0 center 50 and maximum 100.
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