My Neighbor Shark

My Neighbor Shark animation series is in 3D technique with funny and comic theme. All events happen in a tiny island among the ocean with main 8 characters. This animation is a non-verbal animated cartoon series which is producing by FIRFIRA animation studio team. 10 seasons have been written up to now. Each season is in 13 episodes which per episode run for 7 minutes. Each season`s story is separate but they related to each other though. The characters have an international appearance and look, so have topics and stories. All characters and stuffs was designed and modeled by studio team and all rights receive to FIRFIRA animation studio. Synopsis: A middle age man mysteriously (by time tunnel) falls into an island. The man has lost his memory and he doesn't even remember his name.In first season Daniel tries to call help and escapes from island and the situation he is stoke in, but interesting things happens.

Story: Nasser Merati
Screenplay: Nasser Merati and Amir Vahedi
Director: Amir Vahedi and Nasser Merati
Art Director and Supervisor: Amir Vahedi
Story board: Amir Vahedi
Story reel: Amir Vahedi
Texture and coloring: Amir Vahedi
Animate: Mohammad Hoseinpour and Saeede Alinejad
Character and Background: Amir Vahedi
Modeling: Elnaz Mirjemali
Rig and Character Setup: Nasser Merati
Lighting: Farhad Ghafarpour & Nasser Merati
Visual effects: Farhad Ghafarpour
Composite and Rendering: Farhad Ghafarpour
Edit: Nasser Merati

We will turn this Animation series into a long-lasting development strategy.It will be in 10 season ( 130 episodes ) and A movie at the end.
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