The Rain (2001) ( Game programmer )
 An Unsuccessful game project (FPS)

The Light Still Red (2005) 4`40" (  Experimental animator )
My first short animation ,it was story of a man who stuck on desert behind of a red light for ever.
(Selected for best short animation in first local animation festival of Tabriz)

The Bit (2005) 2`10" (  Experimental animator )
Mans falling in traps
(Nominate for best animation in Tehran  international short film festival)

Train Station (2006) 4`20" ( Experimental animator )
A family on train station, train never will com.

Noise (2006) 2`10" ( Experimental animator )
A mans problems solved by cleaning his heart.

Herald Of Sweetheart (2006) 4`30" ( Experimental Director ) Link
A song from Shahriar (the popular poet of Tabriz ).
(winner of the best idea and appreciation in 3rd local animation festival of Tabriz)

Cables (2006) 4`10" ( Author and Director)
A man killed himself while killing the other people.

Story`s of farm (2007) 13*7`( Modeler ) Link
Cooperating whit Azar Animation Studio, Serial animation for Saba.

Island (2007) 2`30" ( Render, Composite, Edit ) Link
A man stuck in island and no one won`t help him.

Ghune Baxan ( 2007,2008,2009,2010 ) 
Short animation for a kids Production on Sahar TV.

Sara`s Little Desire(2009) 49`55" ( Jack as all ) Link
Full CGI movie for home entertainment.

Mishi (2010) ( Writer, Director, Character Modeler, Light ) Link
Serial animation for TV (Unfortunately this project stopped for a while but not for ever)

Civilisation Jungle (2011) ( Render, Composite, Edit )
Serial animation. (Writer: Mohammad Ramezani, Director: Dawood Bageri )

Ghalbam (My Heart) (2011) ( Modeling, Rigging, Render, Composite ) Link
Music video clip Direct and Edited by: Farshid Yahyavi Singer: Mahan Hosseyni

Azar Tami no (2011) ( Modeling, Lighting, Render, Composite ) Link
Full animation advertising of Azar Tami No Co.

Bahar in Farm (2011-2012) ( Director, Composite, Edit ) 
13*7min serial sahand TV, Producer Neda Mahdavi , technical manager Farzin Moayed.

Magical Glasses (2011-2012) ( Project manager, Rigger, Composite, Programer ) Link
13*7min serial, director and Producer Dawood Bageri, Artical Director: Amir Vahedi.

Maragha Observatory (2011-2012) ( 3D CG Artist )
2 episode documentary film about historical Maragha Observatory (Director Hossein PourSattar)

Siavosh The Game (2012) ( CG Artist ) Link
RPG game, Sourena Game studio

My Neighbor Shark (2013-TBA) (Author , Director, Rigger, Programmer and Technical Manager) link
Serial animation for TVs.

Little Aliens (2014-TBA) ( Author , Director, Rigger, Programmer and Technical Manager )
Currently we are working on this serial animation for TVs.