Rigg Assistant

Rig Assistant a tool for increase the rigging speed, this is better than Advance rig, Advance rig setting up just one kind of rig but this tool making fast every kind of rig.

1. Notifications list of  important  thinks rigger have do before start to rig.
2. Save and load Joint sphere presets.
3. Create bones between the spheres automatically and manually.
4. Create aligned multiplied Box for selected bone.
5. Create Spline from selection space for create path or spline IK.
6. Create many kind of controller shape on selected bone or Helper.
7. Create Slider and Joystick for rig.
8. Create a helper Point aligned to the selected bones.
9. Make the bone free, IK, HD or SplineIK quick. many method appear by different mode of selection.
10. Make Stretched IKs By hit the just one button.
11. Link many of object just bye one click, order by selection order or alphabetic order or many to one.
12. Setup Position, Orientation, Look at and Path constraint by selection order by hit one button.
13. Create and add list of parameters to custom attribute or Pen attribute quickly.
14. Create and add advance Custom Attributes on controller quickly.
15. Quick Wiring tools make short Half day works to couple of minutes.
11. Auto talk tool add on this tools collection.
12. Rigref (Referenced rig) Technology tools.
13. Automation tools.(automatic walk, Crowd )
14. Rename tools.
15. Rig check stuff. (duplicated name, visible controller or helper, unnecessary material and ...)
and ...
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