BsMax Blender Add-on

  BsMax Blender Addon
  1. Create Editable and Animate-able Primitives.
  2. Simulate other 3d software's  navigation in Blender (For now mostly 3DsMax).
  3. Override Shortcuts of other 3D Software`s (Optional).
  4. Tools for Modeling, Scene, Rig, Render and ...


plk said...

Hey im complete noob to blender trying to transition from max, how do i go about installing this? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi plk,

Download the, then in Blender 2.8 go to Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons

Select "Install" and find/select the folder with the file & highlight/select the file.

Then Install Add-on from File -> Execute selected file

Once installed, you can then select it in Preferences -> Add-ons -> UI:BsMax



Chrissx2 said...

Hello. This sounds like a must have addon for 3dmax user sadly i have little problem installing it :P.

I followed Your instruction but when I'm trying to active it, i get this error

Any help would be appreciated :)

Chrissx2 said...

Downloaded new/fresh version of Blender and it installed without any problem, but when i activate it, i see no difference. Am I missing some extra step? (im a noob when it comes to blender) :S

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi Dear Chrissx2
Blender 2.80 is not completed yet and some times developer changing the APIs. and I had to rewrite some parts of code again.
But don`t worry I am still working on BsMax and I`ll fix issues soon as possible.
just wait for next update and then enjoy it. ;)

Nixi said...

I have just downloaded and installed this add-on, thanks for creating it! I'd like to report that when using the move tool in "modeling mode" the middle mouse stops functioning as "pan view" and starts moving the selected edges/vertices/faces instead.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi dear Nixi
Thank you for report this. I test the BsMax with last update of blender. I faced no problem with middle mouse button pan in windows 10. can you give me some more information such as witch mode and witch operation system you use. I will try to find and fix the issue.

you can send screen shots to my email "NevilArt@Gmail.Com"

Peter said...

Fantastic work Nasser and you are very talented can't wait to see the next amazing stuff you will bring to blender. You already make my life a lot more easier since 3ds max has a lot of amazing tools and features that make modeling a breeze. Would be great if you can bring the capsule and oil tank primitive to blender.

Peter said...

Latest bsmax version not working with blender latest build?

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi Peter
thank you. I`m happy you love this add-on and I`ll trying to make it better and better.

There is already Capsule primitive added and Oil Tank will add soon.

I test it with today build and it works. if you face any error please send me a screen shot. I`ll try to fix it.

DarkDemonSupreme said...

Hello Nevil

Thank you so much, this addon is awesome and very helpful for a new blender users who used 3ds max for years

Is a great work you did here

BigAlek said...

Hi there, i want to change from max to blender also and i saw this add on :).
Because i m new hope anyone can tell me is the addon BsMax compatible with Blender 2.8 guys ? And Nevil hope you keep up the nice work here :)

Andreas Resch said...

I was waiting for this for a while now - mainly for the align feature. Looks like the only way to run it is via the search console. I hope there will be a way to get there quicker. But for now I'm happy. Thanks a lot for adapting this great addon.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi Andreas Resch
If you active 3DsMax key map on preferences and restart blender you will able call the align tool with "Alt + A". But if you want use it with blender default keymaps, I do not have any Idea which short cut will be fine for this. If you have any Idea please let me know.

Andreas Resch said...

I don't really want to switch all my keys to the 3DS Max defaults. I'm used to the Blender ones meanwhile. It would be great if it was possible to define the shortcuts individually. If there were some kind of menu entry, it would also be possible to add it to the Quick Favorites, which would also work. Of course the final option would be to have the tools in a panel as they were in 2.79. That would be easier as well.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Dear Andreas you can assign your favorite short cut for align tool, with using "bsmax.alignselectedobjects" and continue with blender original shortcuts whit out any problem.

Andreas Resch said...

Hoooooray! It worked. Thanks a lot.

DarkDemonSupreme said...

Hello nevil i have a trouble, i'm looking for the way to move or center the pivot on this config i couldn't find the option can you help me

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi DarkDemonSupreme

If you active 3DsMax keymaps and restart the Blender once. Than by press the "Insert" you can edit the pivot.
For more option press the "ctrl + Insert" to see pivot tools menu.

LTorrecilla said...

Thanks for this, I'm going to try it with the new 2.8 version

Unknown said...

Hi Ive installed this in blender 2.80
getting error message in blender failed to load
any help appreciated

thanks marcus

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi Marcus

Can you send me a screen shot from the error message? and what operation system you are using?

send screenshot to

thank you

Bruno Valente said...

Hi Naser,

First thanks for your effort with this addon. It`s really helping me moving from 3dsmax to blender. Today i`ve found a minor issue with the use of 3dsmax keymap, every time i turn 3dsmax keymaps on i cant rename objects and/or collections by double-click method. Is it possible to change this?

Thanks again!


Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi Bruno
In 3DsMax Mode in Out-liner
F2 does rename (as do in viewport)
Double click do select children of collection (like in 3DsMax)
I`ll try to find a better solution for solve this.

MinghanBai said...

Great work for 3ds max user......
Please keep updating this plug-in.
Very thank you.

Anonymous said...

what about the "select by element" feature in Edit Poly mode of 3DS Max ? Does this addon replicate that feature in Blender? To mimic the same in Blender is not that user friendly with the L/Shift-L shortcuts and selecting multiple elements is quite a mess compared to 3DS Max.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Yes Element mode and Border mode in my plane I`ll find a way to do that.

Mehrdad Ataee said...

Hi Mr.Merati
I have recently downloaded your add-on,
First of, I have to thank you for this great plugin, however, I would like to do a bug report.
when I'm in "edit mode" the mouse's middle button tend to move selected edges rather than panning the view.
I've recently started using Blender instead of max, so I'm pretty much of a noob when it comes to it, thus it might be all my fault ;)
Thanks in advance.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi DMaster

I`m happy you like my add-on.
witch version of blender you are using? it works only on 2.80 for now

LemonBlue said...

Hi I'm new to Blender

Thank you for making a nice add-on first

I heard that s-z-0 is used to align vertices.

But I can't use the z key with BSmax installed.

Is there another way?

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi LemonBlue

If quad menu is active you can change snap setting from "Shift + RMC" menu.

Snap toggle whit "S" and Angel snap with "A"

In 3DsMax mode I`m try to mimic the 3DsMax and that cause dis-active some of blender original short keys. unfortunately this issue is inescapable.

Anonymous said...

First of all what a lifesaver, I just could not get on with blenders shortcuts. the only bug I have come across is if you click create on an object, rather than add, it will come up with a "traceback" error. then I cannot add any more objects till I have reed added the plugin. happens again when I forget not to click create rather than add.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi thank you for report, Yeah I know, recently I am working on primitives and changing lots of code that caused some bug like that. Don`t worry I`m working hardly to make BsMax ready for official release.

Unknown said...

Hi Naser, thanks a lot for your plugin, this is so awesome!

Just one thing I noticed (as I just jumped on Blender but with a lot of XP on 3Dmax): when you pan using the middle mouse button, you can't turn around using ALT. You have to stop panning, then press ALT to do that and then use middle mouse button to pan again. In max you can press ALT as you wish to turn around here, then pan, then turn again, etc.. without leaving the middle mouse button.

Again thanks a lot for your great work on this plugin, this is very helpful for a guy from max^^

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

I think it is possible to make pan and rotate do behavior like that. I`ll check it.

Anonymous said...

These days I do all works in blender except modeling but with this addon, it's time to say goodbye to 3ds max, Thank you for sharing this amazing addon.

In 3ds Max I use Shift+Drag to duplicate object or extrude edges frequently, does this feature will be added into a future release, or it's just impossible to do in the blender?

Thank you again, sir

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Great add-on!!

Unknown said...

I have this problem with the shortcut key. I changed the move shortcut button to "W" as 3dsMax standard. But it keeps popping up as object context menu. Is it some kind of shortcut key overlapped? Please help...

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

If you active the BsMax 3DsMax Keymap "W" will set as move tool short key. but for any reason you want do it manually problem is this.
when you add a short key, new added key is in end of the list. key map priority is from first and there most be an other defined action with "W", check the list and disable that.

Unknown said...

Hello Nevil,

I have a bit of an issue regarding the use of BS Max. It seems that when I have the 3DS Max Keymap preference enabled, a bug occurs where I try to select an object in the foreground and the objects behind the object are selected instead. I have a video recording demonstrating this bug if you would like to look at this for yourself.

I'm hoping to work with you in solving this issue as it is hindering my ability to be productive in my workflow process. Let me know if you would like any more information regarding this issue.

-Aric Nation

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hello Dear Aric

Please send me the video you recorded. I am willing to any cooperation.

Unknown said...

Hello Again Nevil,

Here is the link to the video. This was recorded with BsMax enabled.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Yes, I knew this problem. the reason is, in blender raycast selection function collect object by create order. but in 3Ds Max that sort selection by distant from view and that make nearest object select on first click. I think I had to talk with developers to fix this or read the c++ code with hope to find the solution and fix it.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to use your batch rename tool but cannot locate it. Can you please explain where it is? Thank you.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

There is 2 batch renames.

select multiple objects and:

1. press "Ctrl + F2" for blenders internal batch rename.
2. press "F2" for BsMax`s Batch rename that is advance version of 3DsMax multi-objects rename.

Unknown said...

Would it be possible to enable the option that "Align Selected to Active" can be added to the Quick Favorites? At the moment the only way I can access the align feature is via searching for it. This is tedious when you need it quite often.


Unknown said...


You can ignore my previous comment. I just found out that the "Align Tools" that comes with Blender can do that. Sorry for the confusion.


Tom said...

Hey Nevil,

great plugin! As former 3ds Max user it helps a lot!

I noticed issues with the navigation and deselecting faces if "industry standard" hotkeys had been selected after the initial installation of Blender.

It seems like you get both hotkeys for navigation the 3dsMax ones and the "industry standard" ones, so it is for example not possible to use ALT + LMB to deselect Faces. Instead you start rotating the Viewport.

Maybe the BsMax should also overwrite the INdustry Standart Hotkeys or Set the Navigation back to Blender when activating the BsMax Plugin.

Maybe that helps someone who comes across the some issue and it saves them some time.

I did a fresh installation of Blender 2.83.1 and use BsMax Version to test it.

Thank you for your work!

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi Tom

The "industry standard" and "BsMax" both are keymap override tool. Face a lots of problem when you use them together is normal. for this reason I put the "None" option for navigation and keymaps then you can use all Bsmax tools without problems.
But if you want have "3DsMax" navigation "BsMax" Tools and "industry standard" keymap. it is possible. just set the Keymap option to None.
please let me know if your problems solved this way.

carveid4 said...

This is amazing! Thank you so much for creating this. I use Max for 10+ years and the shortcuts deeply embedded in my brain. This feels just like home. XD!

Kozyie said...

Hello, just a quick question: Is there a way to make "3DS MAX" the default option when I load up? Every time I seem to make a new project, it defaults to Blender in the plugin.

Thank you!

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hello Dear Kozyie

The setting are saving when the blender close and even if you remove add-on and install new version the options most be load properly. if do not load your last setting at startup pleas let me know witch OS and version of Blender You are using?

Anonymous said...

Hey there what is the shortcut for 3d cursor couldn't find it anywhere. btw amazing plugin you saved a ton of people's time. Thank you

Ha_rang said...

In Korea, 3ds max is used a lot. Your add-on will make more Blender users. It would be nice if a way to utilize 3d cursor was added. Thanks for making a good add-on.

Peter said...

Hi Nevil and thank for this fantastic addon but i wonder how can i keep the blender keymap and use the align tool since i cannot assign a shortcut from the quad menu and i don't see the align tool anywhere in the blender UI?

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Sorry for late respond. I have no idea for 3D Cursor I never use it. if have a suggestion just let me know I`ll will apply it if possible.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

I`m so glad to hear that. thank you. if you have a suggestion for cursor edit let me now. I will apply it.

thank you. I`ll add Align objects under the Objects/Transform menu in next update you can add your favorite shortcut from there.

Endre said...

After installing this addon onto Blender 2.91 I get this error message when right clicking on my object.

Can anyone please solve this?

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi Dear Endre

Are you sure you did install the last version?

Try this one ""

if you face the error again send me more info what kind of object are selected, what is mode (e.g. Edit, Object or ...) and witch tool is active.

thank you for report.

Durante2001 said...

Same Endre´s error after install.
Any solution???

fireclay said...

How do I set a shortcut for the quad menu?
For example, I would like to assign a shortcut to face - detach in edit mode.

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Hi fireclay

Unfortunately for now it is not possible set shortcut for quad menu but
you can set short cut to detach tool by using 'mesh.detach' or 'mesh.split' commands.

Unknown said...

Hi Nevil, awesome addon ! can we expect a fonction to activate/ desactivate fonctionnalities ?

Anonymous said...

Also seeing the error on right click in Edit Mode. This is happening in the 3d window, but not in UV/image. I'm using Blender 2.8.

This is a great tool if you're coming from 3ds MAX. Definitely makes Blender interface easier to use. Thanks!

Naser Merati (Nevil) said...

Activate/ desactivate fonctionnalities possible on addon preference.


The bugs on Blender 2.8x fixed.

Unknown said...

I am a Chinese, I like your plug-in very much, it is very practical, but I can't understand the four-yuan menu in English, can you use The four-yuan menu in Chinese, could you help translate it into Chinese, thank you very much for your help