More Aboute Me

Full Name 
               Nasser Merati
Nick Name 
           Jun, 1983 - Iran - Tabriz
               (+98) 914 404 21 31
               NevilArt (Skpe)

       When I saw the video games at the first time the ideas of creating them was much more interesting than playing. I spent much time for designing game level and write the game stores in my childhood. I have same feeling about 3D Animation and VFX. Fallowing that passion and curiosity brought me to my current level in my work, but I`m steel far away from dreams and goals. I had to try more and more. I wish to be part of a bigger studio and try to become a head of team in some day.

Software Experience

                Autodesk 3Ds Max 
                                             Modeling (Environment, Character, Vehicle)
                                             UVW and Texturing
                                             Lighting ( Final Render, Mental Ray, V-Ray)
                                             Bone Setup Rig, Advance Rig TD, Skin
                                             Maxscript , C++ SDK
                                             PF Source, Fume FX
                Autodesk Mudbox
                                 3D Texture Painting
                Adobe Photoshop 
                                           Create Texture
                Adobe After Effect 
                Adobe Premier
                Microsoft Visual Studio


                Self Educated    2005 - 2014
                                               3D Modeling : Character and Environment
                                                Lighting: Final Render - Mental-ray 
                                                MaxScript, C++ SDK 
                                                3D Character Rigging in 3Ds Max

Professional experience

Personal Works :

 --             Short Films :         1 . The Light Still Red (2005)
                                            2. The Bit (2005) 
                                            3. Train Station (2006)
                                            4. Noise (2006)
                                            5. Herald Of Sweetheart (2006)
                                            6. Cables (2006)

Azar animation studio :

--          TV series:            1. Story`s of farm (2007)
                                         2. Ghune Baxan (2007,2008)
--             Short Film:          Island (2007)

Arax animation studio :

--         Animation:           Sara`s Little Desire(2009) 

Firfira animation studio :

--             Short Film:          Price tag (2012) Technical Manager 
--         TV series:             1. Mishi (2010) Writer, Director, Character Modeler, Light
                                          2. Civilization Jungle (2011) Render, Composite, Edit
                                          3. Bahar in Farm (2011-2012) Director, Composite, Edit
                                          4. Magical Glasses (2011-2012) Project manage, Rig, Program
                                          5. My neighbor shark (2013) Author , Director, Rig, Program
                                          6. Little alien  (2014) Author , Director, Rig, Program

--             Video Clip :        Ghalbam (My Heart) (2011) Mode, Rig, Render, Composite
--             Commercial :      Azar Tami no (2011) Modeling, Lighting, Render, Composite
--             Documental :      Maragha Observatory (2011-2012) VFX
Free Lance :
 --                 TV series:              Naqashi Naqashi  (2013) character rigger
Tutoring : 

--             3Ds Max ( Model, Light )
--             After Effect: Basic Composite
--             Find Idea and write story

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